First Congregational United Church of Christ

2810 West 7th Street, Hastings, NE 68901



Sunday 10:30 am

followed by coffee fellowship


We recognize that many people who visit a church for the first time do so with a bit of fear but we hope that you feel warmly welcomed and comfortable at First Congregational Church United Church of Christ, Hastings, NE. First Congregational Church is a spiritual home to people from all walks and stations of life, believers and questioners, people from a range of backgrounds and faith perspectives, who come together to open themselves up to God.



Below are some frequently asked questions to help you feel comfortable visiting on a Sunday morning.  By far the best way to get to know First Congregational UCC is to stop by!  Don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with our pastor, ushers, greeters or the people in your pew - we're a friendly bunch!  We would love to tell you more about our life of worship, fellowship and service together.


What times are your worship services?

We offer a Sunday morning service at 10:30am every Sunday.


Communion is offered the first Sunday of the month.  We celebrate communion by intinction (come forward and dip the bread in the cup).  At FCUCC, we practice open communion because we acknowledge that the Table of Grace belongs not to this or any congregation but to Jesus Christ, and it is Christ who extends the invitation.  Anyone who desires to respond to Christ's invitation is welcome to partake of Communion at this Table.  This welcome is extened to children, as well.  Please note the Communion wafers are gluten free.


Do you offer Sunday School?

Sunday School for 4 years to 12th grade is offered and begins at 9:30am during the school year, and parents are welcome to be in class or linger in our coffee bar during that time. Sunday School runs parallel with the regular school schedule, September through May, and takes hiatus from Memorial Day through Labor Day.


What should I wear?

Some people come dressed in their Sunday best. Others dress more casually.  We believe that God cares more about the state of heart than the state of your attire and encourage you to dress in what makes you most comfortable.


How long do services last?

Services usually last 1 hour, but fellowship (depending on the baked goods) could last an hour more!


Is there coffee fellowship time after church?

We usually meet in Grabill Hall following services and all are welcome to attend for refreshment and fellowship.  It is a great to connect with people and establish new friendships.


Is the church accessible to for people with disabilities?

Yes, our church was built to be accessible for all abilities.  We have wide door ways and no steps to access our building or sanctuary.  There are restrooms with railings and wide, locking doors.  A wheelchair is also available if needed.


WE are part of an international community who acknowlege God as our Creator and Sustainer, Jesus Christ as God's redeeming Presence, and human beings as stewards with God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, for the well being of the created order. 

Therefore, we will strive to:

    Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior;

    Gather regularly to actively experience the  presence of God in public worship;

    Reach out to people in our community;

    Love and care for persons of all ages and abilities;

    Minister to those who are lonely, oppressed, afraid, sick, poor, or hungery;

    Work for peace and justice throughout the world;

    Care for the enviroment and nature;

    Respond with gratitude for the blessings we receive.



The United Church of Christ (UCC) is a distinct and diverse community of Christians that come together as one church to join faith and action.  With over 5,000 churches and nearly one million members across the U.S., the UCC serves God in the co-creation of a just and sustainable world.  The UCC is a church of firsts, a church of extravagant welcome, and a church where "…they may all be one" (John 17:21).



Today, we continue to change lives throughout the world. We work alongside more than 200 mission partners. We labor ceaselessly to fight injustice, in the United States and abroad. We instill our vision into our youth and young adults, forging leaders who will imagine new dreams. And we sustain and develop church leaders, pastors, and our local churches to live their faith in exciting new ways.  We believe in a God that is still speaking, a God that is all-loving and inclusive.  We are a church that welcomes and accepts everyone as they are, where your mind is nourished as much as your soul.

We are a church where Jesus the healer meets Jesus the revolutionary, and where together, we grow a just and peaceful world.


AUTHENTICITY:  We believe we can’t be what God has called us to be if we are not genuinely ourselves. We must be our true selves so that we make a connection with one another on a higher level.

BIBLICAL TRUTH: We believe the Bible is God’s inherent truth and it’s the foundation to everything we do. 

COMMUNICATION: He used the current language and daily life experiences of those around him to communicate truth.

LIFE TOGETHER: We aren’t interested in being a place where a lot of people get together for an inspiring service but never move beyond the casual, arm’s distance relationships of an auditorium.

EXCELLENCE: We don’t believe in striving for unrealistic perfection. Real excellence is about bringing your best to God’s work and to life in general.

GROWTH: This is a safe place for everyone. But safe doesn’t mean comfortable. The answers aren’t always comfortable.

"That they may all be one." 

John 17:21